Vale Perkins, Quebec: Selections from an Ongoing Series


Over the past twenty-five years I have painted the land and houses around the place I call home, the Eastern Townships of Quebec, close to the Vermont border. Most of the structures in my communty have bravely weathered time; nothing much has changed since I moved into a small cabin at the junction of two streams leading to Lac Mempremagog. The paintings are not faithfully realistic. Rather, they depict an ordered reality, a suspended state of all time and all seasons, a space suffused with light and stillness.


Cabins     ( 2013)           sold                          12 "x 16"

These two identical summer cabins, built by George Smart, lie at the foot of Owl's Head, overlooking Mt. Elephantis. The painting below is of the field below.




Neighbors     ( 2012)                                     24 "x 30"






George Smart's Place    (1998)                                    14" x 24"        sold






 George Smart's Woodshed   (1999) 24 x 30"






Road to Owl's Head (ch du Lac 1998)                  (sold)           14" x 24"








After the Rain      ( 2011)           (sold)                          30" x 40"








Knowlton Landing     (Spring, 2011)                                     24" x 40"








Winter's End     (Leadville Road, Vale Perkins)  2010        30" x 40"








Snow Receding                     sold                          30 x 48"                 









Field                             30 x 48"              sold









Goldenrod  near Potton Springs      30 x 48"       sold









Chemin du Lac     (2010)               12" x 36" sold










  Fall, Chemin du Lac, Vale Perkins, Quebec   (2010)          (sold)          30" x 48"










   Jewett's Store         2008                    14x24           sold









Jewett's Store              1995       sold











Church and School        14 x 24"                        sold











  Owl's Head      36 x 54" 









   Owl's Head - Autumn    24 x30"     (not available)







   Lyle's Place (Old Post Office)               14 x 24"         (sold)










      Spring Thaw on Lac Trousers                16 x 20" 










Late March along Leadville Road       30 x 48" 










   House and Field                            14 x 24"







Ancient Land   16 x 30"