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Lost Paintings     


The title "Lost Paintings" was taken from the name of the folder where I kept photos of paintings that, for various now unfathomable reasons, I felt were not "working". These remain valuable to me as a documentation of process rather than product; if I begin to question my judgment (why didn't I leave that one alone!) I interfere with the very process of creating art the joy of exploring new directions...

Estate Sale ( probably 24x30 -no longer exists)

  Three figures are paying their respects to me and my work and looking for bargains at my garage sale. The short figure with Kleenex in hand for the tears that may come, modestly looking down, is me. I have included cats in my paintings since 1992 when one east-side Montreal cat walked across my balcony and peed on a painting that I had propped up there to view from my kitchen doorway. Probably a good critical review. Below is another version; the distraught figure on the left is my muse.


I started this after my first trip to Greece when I decided I would live and die there, so I needed to get rid of all the stuff I had made and accumulated in cold Canada.





             New Order      (2008 unfinished)       60" width


 (Detail of figures at bottom) 

This large painting no longer exists. When cracks started appearing in the infrastructure of Western capitalism, I envisioned a crowd dancing in the streets, with figures from Goya's Flagellants and George Bellows' Dance in the Insane Asylum. That painting was over a year in the making and eventually I destroyed it, unable to finish it to my satisfaction, probably due to the size. The "fools" in these paintings refer to the outcasts of society, the artists, the naive, the keepers of the soul. They are more akin to writer Marius Kociejowski's idea of the Middle Eastern "holy fool" than to the traditional Western version of the clown.

What do survive are the small "studies" I did of figures dancing in the crowd, and these became a separate series:

Dancing With Fools      (2008)   11 x 14"

The woman is not fashioned after anyone I knew; she developed with the painting. The figure on the right holds a canary - the soul, the speaker of truth; the one dancing with the woman clearly admires her. They are all deemed fools, the woman included, because they still can put aside the world and dance.


Soft Shoe (2008)


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